๐Ÿ’ฐClaim Rewards

Rewards claiming tutorial on Penpie.

1. To claim the accumulated rewards click "Claim" section.

2. Users can see all of their deposits and accumulated rewards for each pool and claim each one of them separately or claim all in one click.

3. Users can click on each pool to see details about that pool.

Once users have enough balance to claim; the "claim" button will be activated and users will be able to claim accumulated balance.

1. Navigate to https://www.pendle.magpiexyz.io/stake


3. Select your wallet.

4. Click on vlPNP section.

5. Input PNP amount to lock.

6. Users who don't want to approve before every action may select "Approve Infinity" option.

7. Click "Approve"

8. Click "Lock"

9. Once the Transaction approved on blockchain, the locked PNP amount will appear on vlPNP section.

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