๐ŸŽฏvePENDLE Gauge

Utilize your voting power on Pendle Finance via Penpie.

vePENDLE Gauge is an unique feature where vePENDLE holders can exercise their voting power, influencing the allocation of $PENDLE emissions on Pendle Finance through Penpie Voting Market.

As a new feature developed by the Penpie team, vePENDLE holders can now receive voting rewards from Pendle Finance ecosystem partners on Penpie, allowing them to earn real yields same as vlPNP holders.

Pendle Finance's ecosystem partners or anyone who wants to support a specific pool can deposit voting rewards for vePENDLE voters on Penpie, with 80% of the deposited amount going directly to the vePENDLE Gauge and 20% allocated to the same pool on the vlPNP Gauge, enhancing the partner's efficiency.

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