Boosted Rewards for PENDLE Holders

Users can convert PENDLE into mPENDLE to ear nboosted APR% on Penpie

Boosted Rewards for PENDLE holders

Penpie offers PENDLE holders the opportunity to earn boosted passive income by converting their tokens into mPENDLE. When users convert their PENDLE tokens into mPENDLE on Penpie the platform automatically locks all the converted PENDLE as vePENDLE on Pendle Finance while it gives users mPENDLE tokens that allows them to earn boosted APR. This mechanism allows Penpie to own governance power on Pendle Finance and earn yield-boosting benefits thanks to its vePENDLE holdings. Users can swap mPENDLE back to PENDLE on the secondary market.

mPENDLE Rewards:


  • ETH

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