๐Ÿ”ฆUnderstanding mPENDLE


Converting mPENDLE

  • Users can convert PENDLE into mPENDLE on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Bnb Chain and Optimism.

  • After converting, users can stake mPENDLE on Penpie to earn passive income.

  • When users convert PENDLE into mPENDLE, Penpie locks all the converted PENDLE on Pendle Finance as vePENDLE.

  • Users can swap mPENDLE back to PENDLE on Wombat Exchange through Arbitrum at current swap ratio.

Staking mPENDLE

  • Stake mPENDLE on Penpie to earn revenue share.

  • Staking mPENDLE also get PNP rewards.

Bridging mPENDLE

  • mPENDLE uses layer zero OFT V2 standard.

  • Users can bridge mPENDLE between Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain and Optimism.

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