๐Ÿช™PNP Token

PNP is the governance and reward earning token of Penpie.

Users can lock their PNP tokens on Penpie to receive vlPNP at a 1:1 ratio. vlPNP is the locked version of the PNP token.Vote-Locked PNP, also known as vlPNP, enables PNP holders to earn passive income and share governance benefits on Pendle Finance & Penpie.

The voting power that Penpie accumulates by holding vePENDLE is distributed among vlPNP holders, allowing them to participate in Pendle Finance's governance cost-effectively. Vote-Locked PNP holders also earn active user engagement rewards from Penpie in $PENDLE & $ETH.


Token Name: PNP

Token Type: OFT-20

Total Supply: 10,000,000

PNP can be traded through Camelot Dex on Arbitrum and PancakeSwap on BNBChain.

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