Tokens related to Penpie and Pendle Finance


Pendle Finance's governance and reward token for liquidity providers. Penpie allows PENDLE holders to earn boosted rewards by converting their PENDLE tokens into mPENDLE. Users can stake mPENDLE on Penpie to earn high APR %. Penpie then locks all the converted PENDLE as vePENDLE permanently on Pendle Finance while user earn passive income with their mPENDLE.


vePENDLE is accrued as users lock PENDLE on Pendle Finance. It is not transferable and is lost when unlocking PENDLE. The higher a user's balance of vePENDLE, the more they can boost their yields as liquidity providers on Pendle Finance and more voting power they control.


mPENDLE (Magpie PENDLE) is minted by converting PENDLE on Penpie. It can be staked on the platform to earn PENDLE and ETH rewards.


Penpie's governance and revenue sharing token. Users can lock PNP to participate in governance and earn passive income.


Vote-Locked PNP. Locked version of PNP. vlPNP holders control the voting power that Penpie owns on Pendle Finance. Users can lock their PNP to receive vlPNP at 1:1 ratio. vlPNP holders can earn revenue share from the platform and also have governance rights. Vote-Locked PNP holders can participate in the governance of Pendle Finance and Penpie.

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