๐Ÿ’ธThe Penpie Bribery Market

Penpie Bribery Market tutorial.

1. Navigate to https://www.pendle.magpiexyz.io/stake


3. Select your wallet.

4. Click "Bribe" to reach Bribery Market use voting power.

5. Double-click "Voter APR" to list voting APR in decreasing order.

6. Select the pool you want to vote, input voting power or Click "MAX" to use all of remained voting power.

7. Once voting amount selected, a pop up will appear. Check voting amount and click "Update Votes" to complete voting action after approving the tx in the wallet.

8. Click "My votes" box to see only the pools you voted.

9. Click on the pool that you voted top see detailed stats about this pool on Bribery Market.

10. Scroll up up to see detailed Bribery Market stats on the graphs.

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