๐Ÿค–Smart PENDLE Converter

Optimize Your mPENDLE Conversion Rate

Optimize Your mPENDLE Conversion Rate

The new Smart PENDLE Converter offers users an enhanced rate when converting PENDLE to mPENDLE on Penpie.

The Smart Converter first checks the current PENDLE to mPENDLE rate on Wombat Exchange. If the exchange rate shows mPENDLE trading below 95% of PENDLE value, the Smart Converter will execute the swap, securing over 1 mPENDLE for each PENDLE converted.

This dynamic rate optimization brings the mPENDLE conversion ratio closer to the 95% peg during periods of divergence, providing flexibility and favorable rates to the Penpie community.

The Smart PENDLE Converter taps into real-time market data to give users the best possible conversion rates.

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